Burnsville Olympic Weightlifting State Champions


Congratulations to the Burnsville Olympic Weightlifting team for winning the state championship in both the varsity (born in 2000 or earlier) and JV divisions (born in 2001 or later).  This was Burnsville’s fourth consecutive varsity state championship and first JV championship.  Burnsville became the first team since 2004 to win both age categories in the same year.

In addition to the team state championships, five Burnsville lifters won individual state championships.  Individual state champions included Kady Krieger in the varsity girls 48 kg weight class, Emily Kauffman in the varsity girls 58 kg weight class, Miah Keller in the varsity girls 63 kg weight class, Travis Agarano in the varsity 62 kg weight class, and Jordan Tompkins in the junior varsity boys 62 kg weight class.

In total, 35 Burnsville lifters qualified for the state meet and all of them finished in 5th place or higher.  In the varsity girls division, Angelica Cruz finished 3rd in the 53 kg weight class.  Megan Holz finished 3rd in the 63 kg weight class.  Emily Johnson finished 2nd and Macie Benson finished 3rd in the varsity 90 kg weigh class.  Raezjine Merriweather finished 2nd in the varsity 90+ weight class.

In the varsity boys division, Anthony Vang finished 3rd in the 56 kg weight class, Blake Andert finished 4th in the 62 kg weight class, Noah Bachmeier finished 2nd, Jared Shearer finished 4th and Ben Anderson finished 5th in the 69 kg weight class.  Alex Garlington finished 2nd in the 77 kg weight class.  Nick Burton finished 2nd and Matt Gilray finished 4th in the 105+ weight class.

In the junior varsity girls division, Lauren Jensen finished 4th at the 53 kg weight class.  Erin Bachmeier finished 2nd, Kiah Christopherson finished 3rd, Eleana Pearce finished 4th and Megan Tomas finished 5th in the 58 kg weight class.  Natalie Thoresen finished 3rd in the 69 kg weight class.  Kayla Gant finished 2nd in the 75 kg weight class.  Heather Nulf finished 2nd in the 75+ kg weight class.

In the junior varsity boys division, Jonah Dawson finished 3rd and Zachary LaMotte finished 4th in the 50 kg weight class.  Jake Schouten finished 5th in the 56 kg weight class.  Nick Gilman finished 4th in the 77 kg weight class.  Isaac Pasko finished 5th in the 94 kg weight class.  Kyle Atkinson finished 2nd, Isaac Tester finished 3rd and Chase Vongkham finished 4th in the 94+ kg weight class.

The Burnsville Olympic weightlifting team is coached by Scott Sahli.  Assistant coaches include Larry Meadors, Tyler Krebs, Jordan Strand, Mick Scholl, Dirk Wells and Ryan Friesen.


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